Corporate Supply

Trusted Corporate Supplier for Companies and Organizations

We design, manufacture and supply customized gifts and souvenirs to any organizations.We contract manufacture hotel and hospital bedding, bed sheets, bath ropes, bath sandals and towels.

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Supplier for Towels, Bedding & Bed Sheet in Singapore & Malaysia

Towel and Giftbox

Towel for any corporation

 Recommended Fabric:

  • Hallmark Premium Cotton Modal
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • 100% combed cotton
  • 100% low-twist cotton

Style Options:

  • Embroidered Corporate Logos
  • Hallmark Gift Packed
  • Bath / Hand / Face Towels

Bed sheet for Hotel & Hospitals

Bed Sheet for Hotel / Hospital

Recommended Fabric:

  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Hallmark Sensoft
  • Hallmark Hygiene X-Plus

Style / Feature Options:

  • Jacquard/ stripe/ check designs
  • Shammed pillow case & quilt cover
  • Anti Bacteria
  • Embroidered/Printed Corporate Logos

Hallmark Mattress for Hotel and Hospitals

Mattress for Hotel / Hospital

Recommended Items:

  • 11-inch height mattress
  • 14-inch height mattress


Feature Options:

  • Sanitized Antibacterial Treatment
  • Ergonosleep to ensure quality sleeping posture
  • Nanobionic body temperature management
  • Embroidered Corporate Logos

Bedding for Hotel & Hospitals

Bedding for Hotel / Hospital

Recommended Items:

  • Pillows / Quilts
  • Cotton fabric + Goose Downs
  • Cotton fabric + Cotton fillings
  • Cotton fabric + Microtech fillings

Feature Options:

  • Jacquard/ stripe/ check fabrics
  • Anti bug/dust mite
  • Soft/Medium/Firm Pillows