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Syasya Nurhaziqah

I bought my tencel queen fitted sheet set from them during their sale, so worth it for a queen size! it is also the best tencel set I have compared to another brand! This sheet does not make my hair fall as much as the others, 3 days worth of hair on this sheet is equal to 1 day worth of hair compared to my other tencel and bamboo sheets! It is also more durable than my other sheets, almost as durable as cotton which means it dry faster and can withstand machine washes better! my other sheets already have lint pile up and tiny threads coming out and they dry sooo slowly! i will definitely buy from them again if I were to ever need a house warming gift, one of the best bed sheets I’ve ever had!

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Amazing Tencel Bed Sheets, One of the Best

Pal Badhan

“Great products and service, the sales staff were very help and courteous. Strongly recommend this.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Courteous and Helpful. Strongly Recommended

Celeste Lee

“Very professional & very friendly. I always like Hallmark bedsheets & products. Bought a mattress too! Thank you.”

BedOrigin Mattress review  Very professional and friendly

Tie Boon Ping

“Very nice customize storage size bed with internal 11″ height. Also very comfortable classic bed mattress with beautiful bedsheets. Thank you to the sales staff for the thoughtful recommendations.”

BedOrigin Mattress review  Comfortable mattress with beautiful bedsheets

Natasha Ramchandani

“Was looking for new sheets and found them instantly with the help of the friendly staff here.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Friendly service

Ryan Ong

“Salespersons are very friendly and give good recommendations when choosing the colours of bed sheets. Quality of bed sheets is very good.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Friendly service and good quality bed sheets


“Very good and professional service. Knowledgeable staff.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Professional customer service and knowledgeable staff

Jane Tan

“Very good customer service. Good selection of choices and affordable.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Good customer service and affordable selections


“When we first entered the store, the staff made us feel very welcomed. They were very patient in introducing the different types of bed, pillows etc with us. Most importantly their products were super comfy and value for money.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Great service, comfy products, and value for money

Juinnie thor

“Superb service especially by Kelly & Rachel from pavilion outlet! product quality at its top notch! I’ve recommended to my whole family to use your product." 

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Superb Service and Top Notch Product Quality


“Very good and friendly service.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Good and Friendly Service


“Excellent Sales and after Sales Service. Excellent Product.”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Excellent After Sales Service and Product

K  L

“I wanted to specially thank the team for an excellent online shopping experience! I made my online purchase without entering the promo code I had, but the team promptly honoured the promo code with a refund of the discounted amount and to top it off, the item was delivered within the same day. Top customer service!”

Bed Origin Bed Linen review  Excellent Online Shopping Experience and Timely Delivery


“Sales very good service”

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Good Service


"Excellent service. Product knowledge very good.."

BedOrigin Linen review  Excellent Service and Product Knowledge


"Excellent Pillow Quality and Good Service."

Hallmark Pillows review  Excellent Pillow and Service


"Was looking for Hallmark bedsheets and located their shop... Friendly and knowledgeable staff and good range of bedsheets and other products."

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Friendly and knowledgeable staff


"Patient and friendly service. Will let u try all configurations until u find your right mattress. Not to mention the great discount too!"

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Patient and friendly service


"Great selection for bedrooms items and not forgetting their wide options for their comfortable beds! Definitely a place to go for all your bedrooms needs!"

BedOrigin Bed Linen review  Great selections of bedroom items


"So many designs to choose from! Unbelievable discounted price for such high-quality bed linen! Called to order this afternoon and it was delivered to me in the evening."

Hallmark Luxury Bed Linen review Unbelievable price for high quality bed linen


"I'm so excited about this bed & bath sale, because I have bought bedding from this store before and the sheets are so soft and smooth. The one I bought was 1080 thread count 100% bamboo sheets - they have Egyptian cotton as well for a touch of luxury every night. My kids are so used to the feel of these high threadcount sheets that when we went on staycation to a $400 per night hotel, they complained that the sheets there were rough! I just realised that they have loyalty rewards - I got $9.50 off today's purchase from my previous purchase."

Hallmark Smooth Touch Bed Linen review Soft, smooth and luxurious


"Value for money- quality, refined product- I trust. Sleep like a BABY. True Beauty rest - I use only HALLMARK"

BedOrigin Bed Linen review Value for money


"Had a wonderful experience at hallmark! Their materials are so luxurious, buttery soft and it also comes with so many varieties you might just find something that suits you!"

Hallmark Sensoft Tencel Bed Linen review Wonderful Experience


"Hallmark mattress is so comfortable, cool and ergonomically design which help me to improve my sleep quality."

Linen Culture Absolute Mattress review Comfortable



Many thanks for the voucher. And i already did second order with you. The pillow from previous purchased had arrived home already and its great!

Kind regards

Hallmark Comfort Silk Pillow review Great


"I ordered bedsheet sets in the morning, and received my delivery on the same day, and such excellent service!
There were issues with my order, I wanted extra pillowcases, the set I had ordered ended up being out of stock... my online query was responded to within the hour, and they brought me a range of alternative options to choose from on delivery.

I’m so impressed. Definitely shopping here again.

Hallmark Grandeur Silk review Excellent service


"I'm totally impressed to receive these pillows in the evening from BEDORIGIN, after I placed order just 2 hrs before ! Their delivery is super fast! And I got them at really good price."

Hallmark Chamber Down Pillow review 3 thumbs up


"Hallmark Egyptian cotton towel is so light, soft, and fluffy! After using it, there are some obvious differences that I can notice between Hallmark towel and other kind of bath towel. In overall, I'd say that Hallmark Egyptian Cotton towel is definitely made of high-quality material and a good choice for everyday use! 

Hallmark Egyptian Cotton Towel review 5 out of 5 stars


"I LOVE THIS TOWEL! My family aims to find a towel that is soft, absorbent, and yet comfortable on the skin. Guess what? I've just found it."

Hallmark Egyptian Cotton Towel review 5 out of 5 stars


"It has fluffy texture and it is very soft. This cotton towel has the best absorbency compared to all the towels I used before. I enjoy pampering myself with this cotton towel after each bath. Highly recommended!"

Hallmark Egyptian Cotton Towel review 5 out of 5 stars


"We bought mattress and bed sheets a few months ago. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Due to circuit breaker and we have to delay our delivery a few times and they are very accommodating. Very friendly as well. 5 out of 5 stars."

Hallmark Senses Mattress review 5 out of 5 stars


"Hi hi, it is ok so far. Don't have the va va boom feeling but ok. I would give it a 7/10 rating.
My husband said not bad but now less aching when waking up

Hi hi, updates on the mattress. After sleeping for one week, it felt better. I would rate it 8.5 now hope it gets better as each day pass."

Hallmark Grandeur Mattress review 4 out of 5 stars


"I buy 1 king for me and 1 queen for daughter. Very nice, very good. I tell my friend to buy this brand for wedding. Also good price. 5 star"

Hallmark Grandeur Mattress review 5 out of 5 stars


"Wow, it's so smooth. It's so good."

Hallmark Grandeur Bed Linen review it's so good



Hallmark Senses XE Mattress review good


"I gave my daughter Hallmark bed sheet. Now she said she don't want to sleep with me. She said I want to sleep on the new bedsheet. Better than 5 star hotel"

Hallmark Grandeur Bed Linen review better than 5 stars

New Ah Lek

"The mattress arrived in good order and it's beautiful. I was expecting a firm mattress but not not to my expectation. The edges is soft and rounded...So you feel like falling off if sleep to far to the edges.

Overall am happy with the product."

Hallmark Classix XE Mattress review overall am happy with the product.