Enjoy luxurious Hallmark goosedown quilts with anti-static properties for a more comfortable sleep at night.

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Queen Size RM935


Haus De Linen Neosilk Quilt features a 100% Soft Microfiber on its outer cover with 100% Microtech fiber filling. Together they provide a comfy rest enhanced with silky touch and soft feel. 

Queen Size RM1035


This light quilt is airy and perfect for summer. Its fibers are porous that allow air trapped inside to breathe. You could immediately sense its natural cotton smoothness and comfort whenever you use it.

Queen Size  RM439


Protect your valuable mattress against liquids and stains. Hallmark mattress protector is not only waterproof; it is top-layered with premium mattress fabric so that your mattress looks as luxurious as if without the protector cover.  

Queen Size RM399


This Hallmark Pure cotton mattress protector surface will absorb any liquid and unwanted stains, protecting the valuable mattress below. With fitting elastic bands, this protector gives your mattress a luxurious look with its pure cotton fabric top. 

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